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**All names have been excluded for confidentiality purposes**

I want to thank you for helping me learn to live more presently and not to let my past define who I am. That was the most valuable thing I could have learned! It seems so simple but I realized I was in my own way, and you really helped me by being so compassionate and patient. Thank you!! --Actual Client

Most effective thing I learned in therapy at Lotus Counseling was how to respond to stress differently.  Before, I never knew there was an option. --Actual Client

I would highly recommend Laura Foulds as a professional counselor. She is easy to feel comfortable with and always made sure to ask each member of our family their own perspective of what was going on.  We learned some great skills for conflict resolution and feel closer as a family after our time in counseling.  
--Actual Client

Wonderful therapist. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for kind and compassionate support. -- Actual Client

We saw Laura for marriage counseling and are pleased with the progress we have made together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have a fresh start and feel closer than ever. Marriage counseling isn't easy but we are glad we took a chance! -- Actual Client

Laura presented herself as very professional and knowledgeable not only in psychology but she offers something different than I've ever received from any other therapist before. She is warm and compassionate and didn't make me feel like I was wrong for the choices I've made in my past. She helped me realize that we are all on a journey and to accept myself for who I am. I learned that through this acceptance, I am more free to choose how I want my future to be.
-- Actual Client

Laura helped my wife and I learn how to focus on the strengths we have together and how to respect our differences. Coming to counseling was our last chance. We appreciate the compassionate support we received and are excited to move forward together. -- Actual Client

I've had the opportunity to work alongside Laura as a professional colleague, and she truly cares about focusing on her clients' strengths as opposed to anything else.  She conducts herself in a highly professional yet warm and inviting manner. I often refer to her when I think someone might be a good fit.  
-- Actual Colleague

I worked with Laura on getting unstuck from my past trauma. I have seen her a few times since then to deepen my awareness through mindfulness. She uses a unique approach that, in my opinion, helped me get past my blocks because she addressed not just the things going on in my mind but also the spiritual component. I really liked how she used both eastern and western philosophies in our work together - I have never seen that done but she was very professional and knowledgeable about new age/eastern medicine without the woo-woo! -- Actual Client

Laura has led workshops on Mindfulness and MBSR for some of my clients and colleagues, and I refer clients to her often when appropriate. She conducts herself with professionalism and humility and conveys a unique and extensive competence on the mind-body connection. -- Actual Colleague