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Conscious Clinicians
Mindfulness for the Movers and Shakers!!

Since opening my private practice in 2013, it has been my passion and pleasure to offer Self-Care support for Therapists and other helping professionals in both one-on-one and group settings. I am an advocate for good therapy; the greater ability a clinician has to remain grounded, balanced, and calm as an individual, the greater compassion s/he is able to offer to clients, to loved ones, and to the community at large.

If you are a Therapist or helping professional and feel you would benefit from mindful guidance towards better self-care, whether in a group or in one-on-one session with me, I invite you to contact me today! (817) 360-4462

Many of us help our clients every single day to decompress, gain greater clarity, and make significant shifts in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Though rewarding, this offering of our energies to others can be taxing on our own bodies on many levels. So, how do we self-care? How do we unwind from the intensity of our personal and client issues?

Some of what you can expect from our work together is:
--Building and stretching your Mindfulness Muscle
--Learning to create intentional space for your own inner and outer well-being
--Mindful Movement for the physical body: gentle and restorative yoga asana
--Mindfulness Meditation & Pranayama (breathing meditations)
--Myofascial Release for enhanced mind-body attunement and well-being

In addition to Mindfulness and Movement/Bodywork, Therapists will be enjoy a safe space to unwind and discuss challenges related to the Self-of-the-Therapist, as well as tools to enhance their own personal mental and physical wellness.

What is Mindfulness?
--Learning to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds, moment by moment, with curiosity and openness 
--A rigorously researched treatment and effective non-pharmaceutical solution for anxiety, stress, and depression
--A way of enhancing personal well being, inner peace, and creativity

What is Meditation?
--An intentional practice of calming or stilling the mind
--Practice for enhanced spiritual well-being and mental clarity
--Occurs in many forms: Walking, Sound, Sitting, Breathing, etc.

What is Myofascial Release?
--Soft tissue therapy aimed at relaxing contracted muscles, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, and creating greater space and flexibility between the muscles
--No prior experience or props are required for this deep work - just an open mind and willingness to utilize your own breath and body!

Email [email protected] to join the waiting list or to learn more about this offering for yourself or your group!

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