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Couples Counseling

When you're ready to invest in a HEALTHIER and more HARMONIOUS relationship, I invite you to contact me today (817) 360-4462

If you're tired of thinking and behaving as you've always done, consider that even just one meeting, just one conversation can make all the difference.  It takes courage to admit that things are no longer working and to decide to do something different. I am here to provide compassionate support to you through the process.

MYTH: Having to ask for what you want and need from others means weakness.
TRUTH: Understanding what you need and asking for it from your partner means you are courageous, strong, and powerful.

MYTH: Experiencing the feeling of "hopelessness" in your relationship means it is over.
TRUTH: Sometimes you have to arrive at a point of "crisis" in order to move into a new and better place in your life.  Sometimes you have to decide to be fed up with the way things have been before you make the choice to do something different.  Perhaps you have outgrown your old patterns and you're ready for a new way of connecting.

MYTH: Conflict/Arguments/Disagreements mean that your relationship is doomed.
TRUTH: If you are arguing, it can mean that you are looking for a connection. You are courageously asking to be seen and heard and felt by your partner. Having the bravery to be vulnerable with one another is a beautiful thing.  Being willing to fight for your connection is an excellent step towards healing.

Here is just some of what you may achieve at Lotus Counseling:

-- An understanding of not only your basic human needs, but your unique needs in the context of your relationship
-- How to ask for what you want and need in your relationship
-- How to be more present in your relationship
-- The possibility of co-creating a unique and preferred future together
-- The ability to drown out the noise of circumstances/stress--and other common "intruders" into your relationship
-- A focus and desire to turn towards one another for healing and fulfillment

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