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Pre-Marital Support

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In addition to being licensed and trained in relationships as a Marriage Therapist, I am also a Prepare/Enrich Therapist for the DFW Metroplex, specializing in working with couples across the spectrum of their relationship. 

Pre-Marital Support at Lotus Counseling integrates the the "Prepare/Enrich" Relationship Interventions along with other useful resources that may be relevant to each unique couple. While this program is structured to address specific relationship challenges such as communication and conflict resolution, each couple who completes Pre-Marital Counseling at Lotus Counseling will find the sessions tailored to their unique relationship dynamics. We will work together to reinforce and build upon the foundation that you've already created for yourself! 

The major goals of the Pre-Marital Support program at Lotus Counseling:

--Explore Strength and Growth Areas
--Strengthen Communication Skills
--Identify & Manage Major Stressors
--Build Conflict Resolution Skills 
--Develop a More Balanced Relationship Dynamic
--Explore Family of Origin Influences
--Establish Personal, Couple, and Family Goals
--Understand & Respect Personality Differences

Couples who have completed the Pre-Marital Support program report:

--Improved Communication
--Better Conflict Management
--Higher Dedication to One's Mate
--Greater Emphasis on the Positive Aspects of Relationship
--Improved Overall Relationship Quality

 Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, the Pre-Marital Support program is helpful in improving your relationship dynamics and relationship skills.

Marriage education and skills training also conveys a sense of respect for the institution of marriage and encourages couples considering marriage to evaluate the magnitude of what they are about to undertake. A deeper level of respect for marriage leads to more care in making sure the marriage relationship grows and thrives. The attitude toward marriage greatly influences the quality of that relationship. If you think about it, you will likely spend more time with your spouse than working at your paid employment.  Most people would not enter into a career without any instruction or preparation.  If you’re on the fence about pre-marital education, consider that there is no correlation between the amount of money spent on the wedding ceremony and marital happiness.

*Please EMAIL [email protected] for more details and to sign up for the program.

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