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**DISCLAIMER: For Current and/or Future Counseling Clients of mine:  Yoga instruction is not bound by the same Ethical guidelins as is Licensed Psychotherapy; please advise that I will maintain the safest/most ethical boundaries as possible. Please know that, whether you are a current counseling client of mine or not, your privacy will remain my utmost priority. I will not discuss therapy sessions in yoga (or any place outside of our counseling agreement). If you happen to be a current client of mine, please understand that I may not let on that I know you, or how I know you during yoga in order to protect confidentiality. 

Wednesday evenings -- 7:45-9:0pm @ Urban Yoga


In 2015 I was thrilled to complete a ten month long, 200hr yoga teacher apprenticeship and training program. Yoga is a wonderful compliment to the Mindfulness-based skills and discussions that we have in the therapy room.  Practicing Mindfulness is a discipline in slowing the mind in order to pay attention to the present moment with greater intention, and Yoga is basically Mindfulness in Motion!  The style of yoga that I am most passionate about teaching is Yin & Restorative yoga. This practice offers a nice balance to a more rigorous yoga or exercise practice in that it focuses on fewer poses, mostly in a seated position or on your back, and the postures are held for a longer duration of time. This allows for deeper stretching and more focused breath/body connection. This particular style of yoga creates an opportunity for long-held tensions in the body to be released and space to be created in and between the muscles in a gentler, deeper way than with other styles of yoga. Ideally, one would practice Yin yoga at least once a week as a compliment to his/her regular vinyasa practice. 

If you are interested in checking out any of the classes that I offer, please check back often for information!