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Want to improve your response to Stress and Anxiety? Click Here for more info!

Do you desire a DEEPER CONNECTION with others and with yourself?

Would you like to learn how to respond to stress and anxiety with CONFIDENCE?

Do you desire a greater sense of BALANCE and HARMONY in your marital or loving relationship?

A person's journey towards wellness is unique as s/he is. If you're ready to move into a place of greater PEACE and JOY in your life, I invite you to call me today (817) 360-4462

Specific areas of service:

  • MINDFULNESS - Mindfulness based practices and skills for Mental, Physical, and Relational wellness; MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Mindfulness Meditation, Breathwork for managing Stress & Anxiety
  • WOMEN'S WELLNESS - Home/Work Balance; Self-Care; Caregiving Support; Stress/Anxiety Managment; Identity Development; Empowerment; Self-Confidence/Awareness; Emotional Eating; Relationships; Pre & Post-Partum Support; New Roles related to Pregnancy, Nesting, Motherhood, Empty Nesting, etc.
  • COUPLES/MARITAL - Relationship Balance; Improving/Deepening Connection; Communication/Conflict Resolution; Co-Parenting Support; Issues Related To: Intimacy; Trust; Infidelity, etc
  • CLINICIANS/HELPING PROFESSIONALS - Self-Care; Caregiving Support; Stress/Anxiety Managment; Conscious conversations and Mindfulness based tools for managing Emotional Fatigue and Burnout

Proudly serving Fort Worth, H-E-B, Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Arlington, and the surrounding communities.

Lotus Counseling is a separate entity and is not affiliated in any way with the psychotherapy offices of Susan Wade, LCSW, or any other professional located at 1616 Mistletoe Blvd.