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Nature-based Therapy
*Resuming Fall 2018 - Contact me today for more details!

Walk-and-Talk Therapy
: This is an opportunity to experience the powerful combination of "talk" therapy and physical exercise. Did you know that studies now show that a consistent regime of physical exercise (along with a more balanced diet) can be JUST AS, if not MORE effective for treating depression than anti-depressants?  Exercise allows for increased serotonin in the brain as well as a release of toxins through blood/oxygen circulation and sweat, and releases endorphins which actually ARE nature's anti-depressant!  In our current day and age, due to our ever-mounting responsibilities, extended work hours, limited leisure, and an abundance of technology and "instant gratification" at our fingertips, we have become distracted from the fact that our souls long for fresh air and time spent in nature.  Honoring the connection to the natural world, as humans were meant to experience, allows for clarity of mind and healing of the spirit. 

Spending time outdoors and walking while talking through whatever may be a pressing matter for you--it's a triple-threat to combat anxiety/stress/depression! 

Walk-and-Talk therapy sessions are conducted outdoors at Trinity Park located in Fort Worth.  Please contact me for more information on outdoor sessions to find out if this option may be right for you. 

Zen In the Garden:  This workshop is centered around mindfulness based techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and depression.  The workshop is held outdoors at Trinity Park and at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.  Stay tuned for the next offering...


*Research has shown that the experiences of sensations from non-threatening nature environments can promote automatic relaxation of the nervous system and restoration of cognitive resources.

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